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Harvest of the Month

about Harvest of the month

HARVEST OF THE MONTH is a fun and healthy way to positively impact students’ preference for and consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables. The program introduces seasonal produce to students in the classroom on a monthly basis through exciting classroom events, such as cooking demonstrations, school garden activities and fun taste tasting activities. Students are able to not only taste the produce, but learn about it in the classroom, and see it in school environments including gardens, cafeterias and on bulletin boards. The Network for a Healthy California, the statewide sponsor of Harvest of the Month, indicates that the program also presents a strategic opportunity to bring together the classroom, cafeteria, home and community to promote a common goal and healthier habits for students, especially those in low resource schools.

Since 2006, Nutrition Services estimates that its Oakland Unified School District partner schools have received more than 112,000 pounds of produce which have helped support students’ healthy food choices through increased access and consumption of fruits and vegetables. According to the Network, studies show that healthy eating, as well as daily physical activity, have a profound impact on the body and mind by improving the ability to learn and comprehend, boosting energy, improving school attendance and changing attitudes and behavior.

One of the fun ways to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating is the monthly Harvest of the Month newsletter. It’s an excellent way to provide teachers and families with information about nutrition facts on fruits and vegetables that are grown right here in California. Every month a different produce item is highlighted along with a host of nutrition-related resources, recipes and fun family nutrition-related trivia.

Click on the link to view this month's Family Newsletter in English and Spanish. Click here to order Harvest of the Month posters or other items.

HOM 2010-2011 Calendars

Harvest of the month calendar

Nutrition Services designed the Harvest of the Month calendar to extend the program beyond the classroom and bring it into the home and community. Inside you will find produce highlights, nutrition related health facts, simple recipes and fun family activities.

For a copy call Nutrition Services at (510) 595-6454.


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